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Industry Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Industrial Products

India is a huge market for a wide range of industrial products, which are often required to be moved over large distances.

Freight Management

Industrial products are imported as well as exported in large volumes. We provide vessel chartering and broking services for the entire range of industrial products including hazardous cargoes such as chemicals, fuels etc

Tailor-made Supply Chain Solutions

Industrial products may range from simple and easy to handle such as nuts & bolts and very large and complex such as pumps, compressors and process reactors. Generally industrial products pose different kinds of risks in terms of storage and transportation and often require specialized handling equipment for handling. We understand the world of industrial products and provide customised solutions for each product to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Warehousing Services

Warehousing is critical for safe storage and transportation of industrial products to the final destination. Industrial products vary in size and in many cases, must be handled with great care to avoid damages. We have access to a network of warehouses and depots which have the facilities to handle industrial products.

Site logistics

We provide on-site logistic services such as cross-country transportation by road, rail or sea and last mile connectivity arrangements to ensure that the products reach the destinations safely and in time. With our network of specialist agencies, we are in position to arrange for inspection, testing and quality control services at short notice.

Project Cargo and Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC)

Non containerized, oversized industrial machinery and equipment have their own set of handling and stowage challenges. Often very long and heavy, these cargoes require specialized equipment for lifting, shifting and stowing on-board vessels or trucks. We have specific experience and successful track record in freighting of project cargo and ODCs.